Management Plans

Below are the documents that have been developed under the project and which concern the management of habitat protection on a given fen at various levels – from conservation plans for reserves, conservation measures plans for Natura 2000 sites to nature valuations of planned reserves and habitat management plans in other sites. We encourage you to use them (please remember to properly protect copyrights!). Any additional information, shp files, maps, photos, forest descriptions or other documents can be obtained by contacting the project team.

Habitat management plans in Natura 2000 sites

The following list contains the habitat management plans that were created as part of the action A4 . These are the equivalents of “habitat management plans 7230” on the areas of the project’s sites. They contain past and current knowledge about the state of the habitat in this area, often referring to the existing conservation measures plans or conservation plans. They are extended to analyzes made as part of the project and information on the activities that Club and Partners undertook during its implementation. All documents are in Polish.
  •   Dolina Czarnej Hańczy (17MB)
  •   Dolina Górnej Rospudy – Bagno Parchacz (7MB)
  •   Dolina Ilanki (3,5MB)
  •   Dolina Pliszki (3,5MB)
  •   Dolina Radwi, Chocieli i Chotli (14MB)
  •   Dolina Rurzycy (4MB)
  •   Głógno (6,5MB)
  •   Góry Sudawskie (8MB)
  •   Jeleniewo (6,5MB)
  •   Jezioro Małe Długie (4MB)
  •   Kopaniarze (8MB)
  •   Łosiniany (6MB)
  •   Mielęcin Bukowo (2MB)
  •   Młodno (2MB)
  •   Dolina Płoni – Żydowo (5MB)
  •   Puszcza Augustowska (19MB)
  •   Sandr Brdy – Dolina Kulawy (23MB)
  •   Sandr Brdy – Bagno Stawek (13MB)
  •   Torfowisko Zocie (11MB)
  •   Torfowisko Trępel (7MB)

Drafts of conservation pland of nature reserves and nature valorisation of planned reserves

Drafts of conservation plans already existing and established within the project.

With green are marked those nature reserves that were established within the project. All documents are in Polish.
  •   Bukowskie Bagno (14MB)
  •   Jezioro Ratno (4MB)
  •   Dolina Ilanki II (3MB)
  •   Mechowisko Kosobudki (4MB)
  •   Gogolewko (9MB)
  •   Mechowiska Czaple (5MB)
  •   Mechowisko Krąg (1MB)
  •   Kruszynek (1MB)
  •   Mechowisko Radość (1MB)
  •   Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie (2MB)
  •   Skotawskie Łąki (60MB)

Nature valorisation of planned reserves

The documents below have been developed to justify the need to set up reserves in the area. Together with applications for the creation of these reserves, they were sent to the appropriate RDEP together with a declaration on the development of conservation plans for these newly created reserves. All documents are in Polish.
  •  Jezioro Wierzchołek (2MB)
  •  Torfowisko Pliszka (1MB)
  •  Nowa Studnica (2MB)
  •  Bagienna Dolina Rospudy (9MB)
  •  Mechowisko Manowo* (4MB)
  •  Kobyla Biel (4MB)
* Mechowisko Manowo reserce was – as the only one of the above list – established after project’s end, in August 2018.
"Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland" 

"Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland" 

"Green Valleys: connecting habitats' conservation with long term biomass management and multi-stakeholder approach"