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The Naturalists’ Club – coordinating beneficiary
ul. 1 maja 22
66-200 Świebodzin
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The Naturalists’ Club is a non-governmental, ecological organisation for nature protection in the entire Poland. The Naturalists’ Club compiles nature inventories, documentation for protected areas, drafts of management and conservation measures plans for Natura 2000 and other protected sites, as well as it provides opinions, expert evaluations and environmental impact assessments. To date, the Club has implemented over a dozen projects of active nature conservation (out of which 2 are projects co-funded from LIFE, 4 from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Infrastructure and Environment Operating Programme), it is an owner or a lessee of over 130 hectares of land used for environmental protection, and it is responsible for several protected areas.

Furthermore, the Naturalists’ Club organises numerous conferences and scientific sessions on various aspects of nature protection. It has two field offices, it publishes books and “Przegląd Przyrodniczy” [Nature Review] scientific quarterly for the general public. For a few years it has also been publishing “Monografie Przyrodnicze” [Nature Monographs] and “Bociek” [Stork] bulletin. It participates in assessments and social consultations as regards modifying and introducing new environmental laws.
The Naturalists’ Club staff comprises about 25 persons employed on a full-time basis, most of whom are biologists.

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