Another step forward to proper water conditions on Gogolewko fen

Gogolewko is one of the new sites – added to the project in July last year, when we signed an annex to the grant agreement. Gogolewko is over 35 hectares of fen that have been under investigation and protected for years by the Club and the Pomeranian Landscape Park Complex, which is the legal owner of […]

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Valves in Płonia river valley

At the beginning of January 2017, we received another valvse from the contractor. This time on the site Valley of the Płonia river – Żydowo. The valves were built in one plot, which thanks to our efforts was taken over by the permanent management of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Szczecin. The Club […]

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Valves on Kopaniarze fen

At the beginning of January 2017, we received another valve from the contractor. This time in the peat Kopaniarze in the province. Warmia-Mazury. The peat bog is located on a dozen parcels of land, owned by private individuals and the Forest Inspectorate. Due to the ongoing negotiation of the way of making peatland available for […]

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Valves on Drzewiany site built!

At the beginning of September we received work on the Drzewiany. There are 8 valves on this object, which are designed to ensure the proper level of hydration of the fen. Previously on this fen conservation measures were conducted in the form of a one-time mowing and removal of races and bushes of trees and shrubs. In […]

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"Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland"

"Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland"