The Naturalists’ Club in Poland plans to implement the activities entirely in the Lubuskie voivodship in Natura 2000 sites: Dolina Pliszki, Dolina Ilanki , and Młodno and Dolina Leniwej Obry, as well as in “Młodno”, “Dolina Ilanki”, “Dolina Ilanki II” and “Mechowisko Kosobudki” nature reserves. The project is carried out entirely on the areas owned or leased by the Club. The activities planned and implemented in the project (mowing) are in line with the Conservation Measures Plans for Natura 2000 sites: Dolina Ilanka, Dolina Pliszki and Dolina Leniwej Obry, conservation plans for the “Młodno” and “Dolina Ilanki” reserves and also drafts of conservation plans for the ” Dolina Ilanki II” and “Mechowisko Kosobudki”.

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