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MMakles_300px LIFE 7230 N LIFE 7230 S

Magdalena Makles – Project Manager

I was born in Silesia, I graduated in Biology from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and I have spent the last 7 years in Warsaw. Nature has been a part of me and I have felt a part of it since my childhood. Therefore, the choice of my profession was relatively obvious for me. To date, I have worked for various entities which conducted nature protection activity under their statute, i.e. non-governmental organisations and state institutions in which I managed over a dozen projects with various level of commitment. I learned through this work that behind every field operation there is boring paperwork which has to be done by someone.

e-mail: magdalena.makles.kp@gmail.com
cell: +48 (0) 508-422-776

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Dorota Horabik – Project Manager

I come from a small town located near Babia Góra in Beskid Żywiecki. I completed studies in the field of Geology in University of Science and Technology in Cracow. I worked in school and in companies where I, among others, managed projects related with nature protection. In the Naturalists’ Club I manage matters related with Life+ project.

e-mail: dorota.horabik.kp@gmail.com
cell: +48 (0) 508-422-772

RStanko-d LIFE 7230 N LIFE 7230 S

Robert Stańko – Scientific Coordinator of the Project

My interest in nature is probably a result of the magic influence of nature of Bieszczady Mountains, in which surrounding I spent the first years of my life. The first ornithological expeditions, with my brother’s binoculars, were related with Ilanka valley which I “discovered” when I was 11. At this time, I was taken under wings of the Club or, in fact, of the president, Andrzej Jermaczek. I completed studies in the field of Nature Protection in Agricultural University in Szczecin where my horizons of fen interests was effectively broadened by prof. Leszek Wołejko. Then, I began work in the Naturalists’ Club. I would not change this work to any other, although complaints and insults shouted to various institutions attempting to jeopardise our work could indicate otherwise.

e-mail: robert.stanko@onet.eu
cell: +48 (0) 508-422-802

KKiaszewicz_300px LIFE 7230 N

Katarzyna Kiaszewicz – Phytosociologist, Western Poland Local Expert

My love for nature arose as early as in my childhood. In particular, I was fascinated by the world of birds and plants. Due to my interest in nature, when I was still a pupil of primary school, I found the Naturalists’ Club with which I made the first steps in nature protection. Later, I commenced studies in the Faculty of Biology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, in the field of Environment Biology. For a few years I have been working in the Naturalists’ Club. Presently, wetlands ecosystems are my passion, mainly fens and rivers as well as xerothermic grasslands.

e-mail: katarzyna_kiaszewicz@o2.pl

KKotowska2_300px LIFE 7230 N LIFE 7230 S

Katarzyna Kotowska – Fen Ecology Specialist, Eastern Poland Local Expert

I was raised and I live in Mazowsze. I completed Interfaculty Studies in Environment Protection in University of Warsaw where I mainly explored geobotanic subjects. I am interested with issues of active habitat and species protection (not only plants). Due to several years of cooperation with Wetlands Protection Centre, I have spent most time in swamps and other wetlands areas. My adventure with the Naturalists’ Club began on such “wet” grounds.

e-mail: k.kotowska@bagna.pl

EGutowska_300px LIFE 7230 N LIFE 7230 S

Ewa Gutowska – Fen Ecology Specialist, Eastern Poland Local Expert

I have graduated Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities (Biology with Analytics), student of Biology in the Faculty of Biology of University of Warsaw.
My interests concern issues of nature protection, ecology and functioning of wetlands ecosystems. I could develop them in Wetlands Protection Centre and the Naturalists’ Club which allowed me to connect work with active nature protection in the region, that I am particularly fond of, the North-Eastern Poland. What is more, I am a member of a team for monitoring of environmental packages of Agri-environmental schemes in Department of Nature and Rural Landscape Protection of Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (ITP) in Falenty. The list of fields that I am strongly attached to includes bryology, travels, photography, cooking experiments and broadly understood literaturę.

e-mail: e.gutowska@bagna.pl

FJarzombkowski_300px LIFE 7230 N LIFE 7230 S

Filip Jarzombkowski – Fen Ecology Specialist, Eastern Poland Local Expert

I am worker and a doctoral student in the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences.
I am interested in wetlands and their protection, and I began developing my interests in this field as early as during Inter-Faculty Studies in Environmental Protection in University of Warsaw where I devoted a lot of time to intermediate bogs of the surroundings of Warsaw. Currently, I deal with fens in the North-Eastern Poland, and in Mazowsze. Apart from this, I participated in many inventory and monitoring activities as presently I am a member of a team for monitoring of nature packages of Agri-environment schemes in Department of Nature and Rural Landscape Protection of Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (ITP) in Falenty.

e-mail: filip@bagna.pl
cell: +48 (0) 508 933 446

Lejko_2 LIFE 7230 N

Lesław Wołejko – Habitat 7230 Specialist, Western Poland Local Expert

I have always lived in Szczecin, but I travel a lot, recently mainly to Lubusz Land and Lower Silesia. After graduating in Agricultural University, I was employed in the Chair of Botany of this institution where I have been working to this day – at the same desk, but with a new structure (Unit of Botany and Nature Protection of West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin). Continuing tradition of the Chair, I mainly study various aspects of wetlands ecology. One of the subject of a two-year internship in Hokkaido University was an analysis of impact of volcanic activity on development of fens in Japan. Doctoral dissertation in Agricultural University in Szczecin and habilitation thesis written in the Faculty of Biology, Geography and Oceanology of University of Gdańsk concerned fens and groups of springs supplied with underground waters. Simultaneous, many-year cooperation with the Naturalists’ Club resulted in numerous application projects concerning nature protection, establishing protected areas as well as restoration of endangered ecosystems and species in various regions of Poland.

e-mail: ales@asternet.pl

fot PawelPawlaczyk LIFE 7230 S

Paweł Pawlaczyk – scientific expert

I’m from Szczecin and I’ve graduated Agricultural University in Poznań with a degree in forestry. I started my professional work from the position of a technical worker, conducting research works in Białowieża Geobotanical Station of University of Warsaw in Białowieża. Afterwards, for 10 years I’ve co-created scientific-research workshop in Drawa National Park in Pomerania. Since 2001, I’ve worked in Naturalists’ Club taking care of, though not exclusively, nature conservation planning.

e-mail: pawel.pawlaczyk@kp.org.pl

Magdalena Bregin LIFE 7230 S

Magdalena Bregin – substantive and technical assistant

I was born and I live in Cieszyn, a beautiful city located at the foot of the mountains. Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the world of nature, especially mountains, with which I’m linked since my childhood. I’ve graduated University of Silesia majoring in biology, which allowed me to connect my passion with everyday work. My interests in nature are mainly focused on the subject of mountain and subpolar flora, I’ve also participated in several international projects (among others: EcoChange Project, Polar Urals Environmental Change After Last Ice Age). Currently I work for Naturalists’ Club and thanks to that I expand my horizons to northern Poland and lowland vegetation. Besides work, I devote my free time to horses, climbing and skiing.

e-mail: mag.bregin@gmail.com

LIFE 7230 N

Anna Gniewczyńska – Technical Assistant

I have been a member of the Club for 4 years, first as a moor sheep shepherd and a wild weed grower. I support the project with my knowledge of public procurement. I graduated in the field of Biology. In my free, time I knit caps and sweaters.
From August 2014 temporarily absent.

Renata Rybczyńska LIFE 7230 N LIFE 7230 S

Renata Rybczyńska – technical assistant

I’ve been working for several years in the Naturalists’ Club. I’ve graduated studies with major in sociology (with specialization in institution and organization sociology) and due to that fact, I’m able to somewhat differently look at the activities associated with the conservation of nature.
On a daily basis I’m surrounded by “stunningly beautiful” binders and various documents..

e-mail: renata.rybczynska@kp.org.pl

Hanna Garczyńska LIFE 7230 N

Hanna Garczyńska – substantive assistant

I am a biologist by education. I’ve defended my master’s thesis, which had very complicated title, (The use of aerial photographs to study the dependence of terrain cover types from topographic parameters on the example of Landscape Park “Promno”) at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. I’ve been associated with the Naturalists’ Club for many years now, at first as a supporter and later – till today – as an employee.

e-mail: han.gar@wp.pl

MStankiewicz_300px LIFE 7230 N LIFE 7230 S

Maria Stankiewicz – Accountant

I have been working in accounting since 1978, and on the position of chief accountant since 1995.
I have been involved in the Naturalists’ Club in Świebodzin since January 2004. During this time I settled, among others, two projects as part of LIFE+ financial instrument, from which one, “Conservation of Baltic raised bogs on Pomerania, Poland”, was the first LIFE project in Poland.
Presently, I work in two next projects: “Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland” and “Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland”.

e-mail: maria.stankiewicz@kp.org.pl


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