Tasks in the project

The following has been planned within the Project:

  • blocking melioration ditches and concentrated water drains contributing to the erosion (particularly visible in the mountain areas), through construction of the system of small wooden dams and/or their point elimination,
  • stabilization of the water level (preventing floods of the surface waters) increased as a result of beaver activity,
  • removal of shrub bushes and tree wildings,
  • preparatory and improving conditions of the light mowing of whole area of the habitat, which facilitates and enables the restoration of extensive use,
  • preparation of documentation and plans for the management of habitat in the area, including plans for Natura 2000 areas within the objects’ boundaries,
  • purchase of the equipment enabling mowing of fens in particularly difficult conditions (water level, location on the mountain slopes, etc.), in order to reduce costs of treatment during project implementation, as well as after its completion, and to encourage the owners to use the habitat in the future,
  • buyout of the most valuable and at the same time the most endangered fragments of the alkaline fens,
  • organizing a series of meetings in order to establish cooperation with individuals and institutions at local and regional level, interested in protection of alkaline fens,
  • organizing national workshops for users (farmers), in order to present methods of proper use and management of 7230 habitat,
  • planning and establishing of the monitoring system allowing for the assessment of the effects achieved within the project and ongoing changes, which will be implemented systematically and in advance if possible. Moreover, the monitoring will constitute the assessment of initial (registration of conditions before undertaking any protective activities), intermediate and final state. Monitoring will be also carried out after completion of the project,
  • preparation of the Monograph of 7230 habitat and Reports (scientific and for non-specialists).
"Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland" 

"Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland" 

"Green Valleys: connecting habitats' conservation with long term biomass management and multi-stakeholder approach"