Montage of beaver pond leveler in Gogolewko nature reserve

On September 21 we mounted in the “Gogolewko” reserve beaver pond leveler on the beaver dam built on Struga Gogolewska.

Unfortunately, devices that do not have good equivalents of English name in Polish are commonly called in Poland “anti-beavers”. These are devices consisting of a long (15-20m) PVC pipe passing through a beaver dam, which has perforations from the upper water side and is enclosed in a steel basket. This means that the flow through the dam lowering the water level is maintained. Steel mesh and perforations cause disturbances in the movement of water, which prevents beavers from locating the source of the leak and blocking it.

Such constructions have already proven themselves in many places and have been installed on 8 fens as part of the LIFE N project. And it is one of them – dismantled from the “Mechowisko Kosobudki” fen, where it fulfilled its role – that was installed on the Gogolewko.

Beaver pond leveler on Pliszka
Beaver pond leveler on Struga Gogolewska

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