Progress in LIFE Green Valleys implementation in Belgium

It’s been a year since we launched the LIFE Green Valley joint venture with the Belgian organization Natuurpunt. We regularly inform you about the progress of the work carried out by the Club on our website. Below are the results of work undertaken by Natuurpunt in Flanders.

Bats research and inventory for the needs of planning conservation activities and drawing up conservation plans have been completed. Bats were set up with GPS transmitters to track their flight paths and migration. (Photo S. Tilkin)
Piezometers with divers were installed to record ground water fluctuations (photo S. Tilkin)
Intensive land purchases are taking place as planned in the project. Natuurpunt manages over 1000 ha of land in Flanders. (source: Natuurpunt).
A series of meetings was organized with the local community and the press to promote information on project activities and thus involve the community in the discussion and reduce potential conflicts through discussion. (Photo S. Tilkin)
Information boards were installed in the places of project implementation with short notes about goals and activities. (Photo S. Tilkin)
Clearing of alder on former meadows began to restore the open nature of these habitats (photo S. Tilkin).

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