First nature reserve established!

On 28.06.2013, by Mrs Hanna Dzikowska – Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Gdańsk signed Decree no 25/2013 on the recognition of the nature reserve “Mechowisko Radość”.

This is the first nature reserve of 13 planned (including 5 in Pomorskie) to create within the Project. The reserve was created by efforts of our partner – RDOŚ in Gdansk. The next step, after the official publication in the Official Journal of the Pomeranian Region, will be the development of a conservation plan for the reserve.

Reserve now has an area of ​​9.59 hectares of buffer zone with an area of ​​just over 69 hectares. “Mechowisko Radość” is located entirely on the grounds of the State managed by the Forest District Osusznica. It is situated near Lake Luboń entirely in the Natura 2000 site PLH 220057 “Ostoja Zapceńska”. This fen stands out from other fens in western Poland in composition and abundance of vascular flora. The biggest curiosities include the occurrence of Saxifraga hirculus (at least a few dozen flowering individuals) and Liparis Loeselii (population estimated to be at least 500 individuals). Appearing here Epipactis palustris population has at least a few thousand individuals.

This is a typical fen developed in a bay of mesotrophic calcareous lake with submerse stonewort communities that overcame the process of hydrosere. The central part and the part immediately adjacent to the lake are characterized by an almost flat surface. The best-preserved part (included in the reserve) is for at least several years (perhaps several dozen) not used. “Mechowisko Radość” does not require any special conservation measures in addition to inhibiting the succession of trees and shrubs and the expansion of cane. These measures will be included in the conservation plan (soon planned to be developed) and conducted within the life of the project.

Unfortunatelly the text of the Decree is published only in Polish. It can be downloaded here and in part PLIKI in Polish version of the AlkFens website.

This text is also available in: PL

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