Almost last conservation measures within the project!

In October on Skotawskie Łąki, Kopaniarze and Trępel fens were conducted one of the last in the project conservation measures. In the Nature Reserve Skotawskie Łąki (Pomeranian province) 18 dams were repaired. By blocking drainage from the ditches, the process of their overgrowth and regeneration of water conditions in the fen started several years ago. In addition, our partner – Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Gdańsk – is currently developing a conservation plan for this reserve.

On two fens in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie province  – Kopaniarze and Trępel – four new valves (two on each) we build. Earlier we have already informed about the construction of 4 other dams in Kopaniarze fen. However, these are located in areas belonging to private individuals. New valves were created on the plot owned by the State Forests – Olsztynek District. In total there are currently 6 dams on Kopaniarze fen. Earlier in this area, the bushes and trees were removed, as well as a preparatory mowing that allowed conducting an extensive economy.


Photo #1 and #2 – two of 18 dams on Skotawskie Łąki fen


Photo #3 – one of two dams on Trępel fen Photo #4 – one of 6 dams on Kopaniarze fen


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