We invite you to fens’ workshop in Rospuda valley

We warmly invite you to participate in a two-day workshop devoted to the protection of alkaline fens, which will be held on 27-28th April 2015, in KUKLE Recreation Centre ,  in the Augustów Primeval Forest.

The workshop aims to explain the practical aspects of the implementation of projects related to the protection of peatlands in the context of their ecological diversity. We will talk and share experiences in carrying out activities in the field of active protection of peatlands, but also experiences in writing applications and obtaining external funds to finance the conservation of specific habitats. Our special guest speakers will present the aspects of the substantive assessment of grant applications and share their experience in LIFE projects. There will be also a little bit of  theory in terms of how the fens ought to be protected. We will present to you one of the most valuable alkaline fens in Poland and Europe – The Rospuda Valley. Why is this area so valuable? You will learn this at the workshop, and on the second day you will have the opportunity to personally see the indescribable beauty of the Rospuda Valley fens.

Details can be found within the workshops programme.

Important information:

The KUKLE Recreation Centre will organize the workshop on behalf of the Naturalists’ Club.

Confirmation of participation in the workshop should be sent directly to KUKLE Recreation Centre, the deadline for it will pass on the 10th April 2015.

Naturalists’ Club will cover the costs of accommodation on the 27-28th April, provide food on 27th and 28th April and transport to the Rospuda Valley on the 28th April.


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