Most of the conservation measures in the project have been completed!

In 2017, most of the conservation measures planned in the project were carried, ie preparatory mowing and removal of trees and shrubs from peatlands. The last work was completed in February this year, on sites, where the water conditions have not yet allowed to reach 7230 patches and the implementation of protective measures, in particular, the removal of the biomass left after the mowing.

Over the course of the project, over 100 ha of alkaline fens were mown and trees and shrubs were removed from approx. 70 ha. Most of the activities were carried out on private lands and related to alkaline fens, which are characterized by very high fragmentation of registered plots. Prior to the implementation of conservation measures, project employees obtained all necessary consents from owners and land managers. Over 200 agreements and statements were signed, and several dozens of oral consents were obtained for the implementation of activities, resulting in over half a thousand plots of land under protection measures!

The last actions to remove the raids of trees and shrubs were carried out in the winter period – Łaka in Bęczkowice (photo T. Bąkowski).

The fen after protective measures in the area of Moczary (photo T. Bąkowski)

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