Knowledge exchange with German LIFE Project

As an exchange of experience and knowledge of the employees of the Club held on 6-8.05.2013 a study tour in the project LIFE08 NAT/D/000003 – Kalkmoore Brandenburgs – Preservation and restoration of base-rich to alkaline fens ( The entire event took place in the reserve of biosphere Schofheide – Chorin in the State of Brandenburg in eastern Germany. Employees of the Club were hosted by the project staff of the Foundation “Natur Schutz Fonds Brandenburg,” which is the lead beneficiary of the project LIFE08 NAT/D/000003.

We visited 5 different localities of the project. Club’s employees have the opportunity to learn about various methods and protective measures which are used in the above mentioned project: removing of the top soil and  blocking the drainage ditches by this material, metaplantation of  bryophytes in degraded areas, the monitoring system installed at each site, grazing water buffalo, blocking the extensive outflow from the sites.

The visit was intense and extremely informative – data and knowledge collected during this trip will be used to the design of the project “Handbook of Best Practice”. For more information, contact the AlkFens project team. Here are a few photos documenting our stay.




20130507317 DSC_0138 DSC_0171

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