The last visit of TMO and Financial Officer

On 7 – 8 June 2018, the project was visited by the ladies – Marta Kaczyńska – Project Monitor and Mrs. Anna McClintock – Financial Officer from the European Commission.

The visit took place in Gdańsk – at the headquarters of the Project Partner – Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection.

The first day, as usual, we devoted to showing the ladies the effects of the project in the field. We visited the “Gogolewko” and “Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie” nature reserves.

Both sites have been established as reserves with the Partner’s efforts – RDOŚ in Gdańsk. Both sites were also covered by protective measures. On Gogolewo, tree’s removal was carried out and valves were renovated. At Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie, we carried out mowing and reintroduction of marsh saxifrage.

Reading of the divers at Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie Divers at Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie
President of the Klub – Robert Stańko – explains the specifity of alkaline fens Visit at “Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie” nature reserve


TMO in Gogolewko nature reserve. In the background one of the modernised valves is visible. The biomass from the shrubs removal was placed in the ditches – it blocks the outflow of water and supports the operation of the valves.


Fens of Gogolewko Official and project information board

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