Workshop on nature conservation at the Forest District in Bytnica

On 12th June at the headquarters of the Forest District in Bytnica workshop on nature conservation was held, for which we were invited as experts to talk about the protection of alkaline fens.

The meeting was a workshop – first theoretical part connected with the discussion and then the the field part (to see in practice what was said during the presentations).
The workshop was attended by all employees of Bytnica Forest District involved in nature conservation. The speakers were the staff of the Regional Directorate of State Forests, Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection in Gorzow Wielkopolski and employees of Klub Przyrodników. Robert Stańko – President of the Klub and also the scientific coordinator of the project AlkFens7230 presented the environmental characterisation of alkaline fens, objectives and methods to protect them.

On the territory of The Forest District in Bytnica, situated in the Pliszka river valley, is one of the most valuable and best preserved patches of 7230 habitat (object Kosobudki2). During our visit on that object, Robert Stańko explained in detail the origin of this type of habitat, how it operates and why its conservation is so important.

The workshop was also an opportunity to renew cooperation with Forest District and the signing of a formal agreement on the joint implementation of alkaline fens conservation measures  between the Club and Forest District.

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We thank Bytnica Forest District for sharing the photographs!

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