Last Monitoring mission to the activities carried out under the Project

On March 14th, 2019, we had the opportunity to show the completed activities to Stanisław Tworek, who, in lieu of Marta Kaczyńska, visited our project.

We presented activities that were carried out thanks to the extension of the project completion deadline within two alkaline fens: the cupola fen Śniatycze  (including the anti-filtration wall) and throttling culverts on the Śniatycze – Swaryczów mire.

This text is also available in: PL

"Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland" 

"Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland" 

"Green Valleys: connecting habitats' conservation with long term biomass management and multi-stakeholder approach"