Job offer (temporary contract)

Naturalists’ Club is looking for employees to work in the field of active protection of alkaline fens involving manual removal of trees’ raids and bushes and mowing with the removal of biomass out of the fen. The activities will be carried out under a project co-financed from EU funds and the National Fund – LIFE13 NAT / PL / 024 “Protection of alkaline fens of southern Polish.”

Warning! The works relate to fens (wetlands) difficult to access and sometimes the inability to drive nearby.

For the purposes of the work Naturalists Club has the necessary equipment to carry out the order: walk-behind tractor with a scythe slat suitable for mowing wetland habitats and scythes.

The duties of the employees will include:

  • Manual mowing and removal of air raids trees and shrubs (and their offshoots), together with the removal of biomass out of the fen (storage on the mineral ground ) in areas designated by the employer (the contract concerns the fens located in the region Mazowieckie, district garwoliński, municipality Maciejowice and the Lodz region, district piotrkowski, municipality Łęki Szlacheckie) between mid-July to 31 October,
  • taking care of the entrusted equipment (use in accordance with the instructions and its intended, use consumables recommended by the manufacturer)
  • provide own transport mean, accommodation facilities, food, clothing, etc.

Minimum qualifications to be met by the candidates:

  • proven experience in performing similar work, especially in the protected areas, ie. nature reserves, national parks and Natura 2000 sites
  • the ability to use GPS receivers,
  •  the ability to use tractor uniaxial with a scythe slat and brushcutters,
  • the ability to work in a team, due to the possibility of entrusting the order of several people, the ability to constructively solving interpersonal conflicts and the ability to cooperate is needed.


  • ability to conduct ongoing operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery,
  • ability to make minor repairs, replacement of consumables, etc.

We offer:

  • remuneration corresponding to the difficult working conditions,
  • flexible form of work in the form of temporary work contract from mid-July to 31 October 2016,
  • the possibility of extending the contract, in case of necessity of execution of conservation measures on additional objects.

The selection of employees, the  Naturalists Club will conduct on the basis of selected candidates interview. For further information contact: Robert Stanko tel .: 508-422-802; e-mail:[at]

Feedback willingness to accept a job with a contact number and the documents certifying the fulfillment of the minimum requirements should be submitted by e-mail to the following address:[at] within: 08.07.2016 r.

Deadline for interview will be fixed by phone or e-mail individually with each of the candidates.

This text is also available in: PL

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