We bought another plot of land

On 05/28/2013, in Suwałki, another agreement on land purchase was signed. We purchase 3.5 acres of land. Land is located in the municipality of Rutka Tartak in the village Poszeszupie Folwark in the northeast of Poland (near the border with Lithuania).

Land was purchased in the object Rudawki and is part of an extensive and well-preserved, in spite of the existing network of drainage ditches, soligenic fen fed by and calcium-, magnesium- and iron- rich water. This fen developed on deep peat board with interbeds deposits of limestone. The slope of the slopes is of the rarely seen elsewhere in Poland value. Vegetation are phytocoenosis of uncertain syntaxonomic position of beaked sedge, Menyanthes trifoliatahorsetails, Aulacomnium palustre and Tomentypnum nitens. There are, eg Helodium blandowii, Tomentypnum nitens and Liparis loeselii, Saxifraga hirculus, Stellaria crassifolia, dioecious sedge, Scirpus tabernaemontani.

The fen, besides dehydration, the problem is the expansion of perennials and tall willows, birches and alders. In recent years, it was also noted the negative impact of beavers, manifested by flooding parts of the bog. The area is protected as a Special Area of ​​Conservation Valley Szeszupa PLH200016. The project will be further attempts to redeem part of the bog.

Below are some pictures of the purchased land.






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