CONFERENCE called ” Challenges in the protection of the habitats in the Upper Biebrza Valley “

On 6-7 September 2018, the project employees took part in the conference entitled “Challenges in the protection of the habitats in the Upper Biebrza Valley”. The aim of the conference was to summarise the ending project LIFE11 NAT / PL / 422 “Preservation of wetland habitats in the upper Biebrza Valley “. On the first day of the conference, we had an opportunity  to listen to the presentations about, among others, monitoring carried out as part of the project (habitats’, species’ and hydrological) and encountered problems in the protection of wetland habitats in the Upper Biebrza valley. At the end of the speeches a poster session was organised, in which representatives of the Naturalists’ Club also participated (below poster presented at the session).

The second day of the conference was devoted entirely to the field session.

Below there are some photos from the conference, more details can be found on the Biebrza National Park website.

Naturalists’ Club POSTER


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