Monitoring visit

On May 30-31, 2017, the third Monitoring Visit of Mrs Marta Kaczyńska took place. The purpose of the visit was to assess the progress of individual activities in the project and to discuss the organizational and financial issues.

This time the visit was held in central Poland, where we visited one of the Lodz areas in the project – Torfowiska nad Prosną. We had the opportunity to show the results of the protective measures carried out – mowing, removing the raids of trees and bushes, and this year was exceptionally beautiful in this area.

On the site, at the request of the inhabitants, the Klub Przyrodników has also installed an information board about the object.

Almost all the staff involved in this project participated.

Effects of conservation measures (photo. D. Horabik)

Some of our employees that took part in the field visit (photo. D. Horabik)

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