Klub Przyrodników is seeking the new employee



Naturalists’ Club is looking for an employee to employ her/him to work in the field of active protection of fens involving the removal of trees and shrubs and mowing in the framework of the project LIFE13 NAT / E / 024  “Protecting alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland.” Naturalists’ Club provides the necessary equipment (toppers, hedge trimmers, a tractor with the necessary equipment, etc.) and mandatory training in its use and safety. Warning! The works relate to mountain areas (areas located at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level, with difficult access and sometimes the inability to provide transport service).

The obligation of the person hired will include execution of the above, work under the supervision of a Naturalist Club employee, bear the cost of consumables (fuel, oil, lubricants, etc.), ensuring oneself of accommodation, food, clothing, etc. The order includes the execution in 2015 (October / November)

Mowing area of 0.47 ha *, located on the site: Magura National Park and Nature Reserve Źródliska Jasiołki.
Removal of trees and shrubs raids on the area of 1,12ha *, located on the territory: as above

* WARNING! the area covered by the removal of trees and shrubs can be increased to 1.13 ha and mowing area to 1.8 hectares.

In the absence of objections from the Naturalists’ Club as to the timeliness and quality of the work performed, there is the possibility to continue cooperation on similar work carried out in 2016.

Minimum qualifications to be met by the candidate:

  • possession of a driving license Cat. B and T or B + E,
  • owning a car with a hook allowing transport of the equipment on the trailer,
  • at least 3 years experience working as a tractor operator,
  • experience in performing similar work on protected areas, ie. the nature reserves, national parks or Natura 2000 sites.

Recommended qualifications:

  • experience in performing similar work, including forestry work in mountain and foothill areas
  • ability to conduct ongoing operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery.
  • ability to make minor repairs, replacing consumables, etc.
  • the ability to use GPS receivers.

The selection will be made on the basis of selected candidates interview. With the successful candidate will be signed written order for the period of the works. Detailed information on the scope of work, the amount of the proposed salary, please contact:

Dorota Horabik tel.:  508-422-772;  e-mail: dorota.horabik.kp[at]gmail.com

The application with willingness to accept the job with a contact number and documents certifying the fulfillment of the minimum requirements (and possibly certifying additional experience) should be submitted by e-mail at the following address: dorota.horabik.kp[at]gmail.com till  7 October 2015.

Deadline for interview will be determined individually by phone or email with the selected candidates. The talks will be held at the headquarters of the Naturalists’ Club in Świebodzin (Poland, province Lubuskie) 22, St. 1 Maja.

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