Klub Przyrodników on XIII Conference AMOP “Active Methods of Nature Conservation in Sustainable Forests”

Employees of the Naturalists Club on 5-6 April took part in the XIII Conference “Active Methods of Nature Conservation in Sustainable Forests”, which was the theme of this year Conference. More about the conference can be found here: http://cepl.sggw.pl/konferencja/amop/index.htm

Representatives of the Club presented the following speeches:

  1. Peatlands in the sandur landscape on the example of the Drawska Forest – Jolanta Kujawa-Pawlaczyk, Paweł Pawlaczyk
  2. Peatlands as a place of accumulation of coal – the project of renaturation of peat bogs in Słowiński National Park – Katarzyna Bociąg, Roman Cieśliński, Izabela Chłost, Krzysztof Gos, Jolanta Kujawa-Pawlaczyk, Magdalena Makles, Paweł Pawlaczyk
  3. Telmological reserves Gródecko-Michałowska Basin – can current hydrological conditions help to preserve natural values? – Filip Jarzombkowski, Ewa Gutowska, Katarzyna Kotowska, Dorota Kotowska, Michał Żmihorski
  4. Twenty years of protection of wetlands in the activities of the Club of Naturalists – Magdalena Makles, Robert Stańko
  5. Problems of monitoring and evaluation of peatlands and their ecosystem services – Paweł Pawlaczyk
  6. Effects of active protection of alkaline fens of north-western Poland – Robert Stańko, Lesław Wołejko

and a poster Conservation of alkaline fens in Poland (Dorota Horabik, Magdalena Makles, Robert Stańko)

This text is also available in: PL

"Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland" 

"Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland" 

"Green Valleys: connecting habitats' conservation with long term biomass management and multi-stakeholder approach"