Conservation plan for Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie Reserve approved!

On 15 September, the conservation plan of the Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie Reserve was approved by the Regional Director of Environmental Protection in Gdańsk.

Recall that the reserve was created within the framework of the project by Klub Przyrodników and the project partner – RDOŚ in Gdańsk. This was possible thanks to the purchase of private plots, which contained the most valuable patches of the habitat 7230. Conservation measures in the form of trees and shrubs removal, as well as mowing, were also made. Both measures are used to expose the moss layer and to provide light access. An additional aspect of removing trees and shrubs is to reduce the evapotranspiration and thus improve the water conditions in the fen.

This fen is one of the flagship sites in the project and one of our great successes!

The order establishing the conservation plan can be found in the FILE tab (only in Polish).

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