LIFE 7230 NMontage of beaver pond leveler in Gogolewko nature reserve

On September 21 we mounted in the “Gogolewko” reserve beaver pond leveler on the beaver dam built on Struga Gogolewska. Unfortunately, devices that do not have good equivalents of English name in Polish are commonly called in Poland “anti-beavers”. These are devices consisting of a long (15-20m) PVC pipe passing through a beaver dam, which […]


LIFE 7230 NSuccess story of Saxifraga hirculus in nature reserve Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie

We are very pleased to inform you that monitoring the success of strengthening the yellow marsch saxifrage population on Pomeranian alkaline fens still shows that the population is maintaining. However, the greatest success is the confirmation of the presence of reintroduced pupulation in the “Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie” reserve. As a reminder, this reserve was created thanks […]


LIFE 7230 NThe project in northern Poland came to an end

At the end of June 2018, we completed the implementation of a nearly 6-year-old project for the protection of alkaline fens in the young glacial landscape of northern Poland LIFE11 NAT/PL/423. We invite you to read the Reports on the implementation of the project: in the version for laymen (Vol I and Vol II)  and full […]


LIFE 7230 NThe conference ending the projects is behind us

On June 28-29 a conference closing both projects was held. The conference took place in Widoradz (28.06) – where the activities and effects of the LIFE13 NAT / PL / 024 project (protection of alkaline fens in southern Poland) were summarized and then the participants were transported to Chojnice, where 29.06 we summarized the activities and […]


"Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland" 

"Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland" 

"Green Valleys: connecting habitats' conservation with long term biomass management and multi-stakeholder approach"