Basic Iinformation On The Project

Project entitled: “Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland” is financed from LIFE+ funds and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, managed by the Naturalists? Club in partnership with the Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection in Gdańsk and Olsztyn. The project will be executed by March 2017 and it assumes slowing down the process of degradation as well as improvement or maintenance of the condition of alkaline fens in the northern Poland, in 33 Natura 2000 sites, as the habitats of many rare, protected and almost extinct species of plants, including in particular the species from Appendix II of the Habitats Directive (Saxifraga hirculus, Liparis Loeseli and Hamatocaulis vernicosus). Among the selected areas, 86 of the most precious and best preserved Polish alkaline fens were listed, within the area, among others, Rurzyca Valley, Augustów Primeval Forest, Kaszubskie Lake District, covering the area of the following voivodeships: lubuskie, wielkopolskie, zachodniopomorskie, pomorskie, warmińsko-mazurskie and podlaskie.

In particular, the project will aim to:

  • hinder the excess of outflow and increase the level of ground waters in the area of alkaline fens,
  • hinder the process of mineralisation and eutrophication of the surface layer of the alkaline fens,
  • hinder the process of drop of biological diversity of the alkaline fens, caused by expansion of species characteristic of habitats with lower humidity, e.g. grass, trees and shrubs,
  • enhance the regional population of nearly extinct species of Saxifraga hirculus, through multiplication and re-introduction of its individual species in specific areas.
  • dissemination of methods of conservation of alkaline fens on the basis of good management plans prepared on the basis of solid scientific grounds, with special emphasis of hydro-ecological aspects,
  • promotion of conservation of alkaline fens as the areas accumulating CO2 and supporting actions which reduce the greenhouse effects, creation of group of persons interested in the conservation of alkaline fens in the future taking actions which will strengthen the effects achieved through the project, buyout of the most valuable and at the same time endangered fragments of alkaline fens.

With such a construction, the Project created an opportunity to maintain a favourable conservation status or improve the condition of the most valuable areas of habitat 7230, constituting app. 70% of surface resources of the northern Poland (30% of the national resources) of this habitat with the current, characteristic sedge and moss plants. Additionally, execution of the project will contribute to enhancement and maintenance of app. 90% of position of wisk Saxifraga hirculus, app. 50% of the national positions of Liparis Loeselii and Hamatocaulis vernicosus as well as approximately 50% of the positions of other very rare species, e.g. Stellaria crassifolia, or moss Messia triquetra, Pseudocaliergon triforium and Cinclidium stygium.

"Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland"

"Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland"